Friday, March 1, 2013

Calling all Antagonist & Their Minions

We know how unfair it is to be labeled the antagonist in a book. You get no credit for your efforts and hard work. In fact, you have to watch everything you worked hard to achieve get ripped apart by those nasty protagonists. What's up with that!

Well here on Antagonize Me we want to give you the fair shack you deserve. It's your time to shine in the spotlight and let all closed minded readers really know who you are and why they should have been cheering for you instead of the whimpy little protagonist they labeled as a hero, who had a lot of help from people much smarter than him anyway.

To be a guest on your blog you don't have to a monster or the undead. You just have to be what the reader and author label...the villain or a minion. You can find our Q&A here or email us at fohkitten AT yahoo DOT com. Don't let your email fool you. We're not kittens and you have no idea what FOH stands for.

But enough about us, it's time for you to tell the world your side of the story and maybe in the'll have a few more fans. If not, you'll still have us.

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  1. I thought there would be at least a few comments. You did a lovely job of setting it up on the page too. Thanks. i guess there are just so many requests online for people to LOOK at something, that they look at nothing - it all becomes a Facebook or in-box blur.

    Margot Finke