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Dominic Pratchet – The Dominant Monster Lord in "Night Children: Dark Birth"

Q: Who or what are you?
I am Dominic Pratchet, the immortal monster lord and oldest of all vampires. I have gone by many names; Domhnall, Dominicus, Draco, Hobomock and one you may have heard of, Dracula. My original name id Domi but you may call me your endless master.

Q: What is your cause about?
Simply put, I will travel to the Dark Place to free the rest of my army, march upon Washington with my unholy servants, claim this world as my own, turn half the population to my loyal servants and use the rest as food.

Q: What type of servants are you looking for?
Vampires, werewolves, inspiring mad scientists and madmen, all forms of undead including mummies, zombies and those reanimated through sorcery or science, gargoyles, mysterious creatures that dwell within black lakes or deep jungles, gremlins, specters, sorcerers and wraiths.

Q: Tell me about your past? Who are your parents, siblings?
Much of it must remain my secret. My mother was the first vampire, Lilith.  I had several siblings, most of whom have failed her. This is something I will not do. I have dealt with many a hunter and quite a few traitors of the blood. Yet I persist and persevere.

Q: Where are your parents now?
Dead. Long, long ago.

Q: What’s the most important thing in your life right now?
Are you deaf? I have already told you. The complete subjugation of all mortals.  That is my single desire.  I have waited forever for it, but I know when the day shall arrive and no one, especially those foolish brats, will stop me.

Q: How did you become antagonistic?
How did the lion grow sharp fangs?  Why does the shark bite? Even as the moon is destined to rise every night, I am destined to rule. Some have dared to suggest my anger and passion is due to how my mother treated me, how she abused me and refused even before my unholy birth to believe in me. Those whom have suggested that provided me with brief nourishment.

Q: What do you hope nobody ever finds out about you?
Truly? You dare?

Q: What do you like or dislike about the other characters from your book?
From “my” book? “MY” book? That urchin, that dolt! How dare Annabelle Foresight reveal my story to the masses? How dare she tell it to food? To a uselessly brief mortal whom shares her story in those Night Children books? The only reason I allow her story to exist is so the mortal sheep can get a glimpse of how the world truly works. 

As for what I dislike about those Foresight children, Annabelle and Roland? I gladly slaughtered their parents back in 1693. I left them for dead and my poor excuse of a wife saved them. She wasted my gift on them, turning them into vampires. Then she trained them to actually fight me. Me! Now 300 years have passed and those urchins have thwarted two of my attempts at conquest. First in 1776 and then again in 1944. Some claim they are the prophesied younglings but I refuse to believe it. I will not!

Q: In your opinion, what is your best feature?

Q: Where do you live? Describe it: Is it messy, neat, avant-garde, sparse, etc.?
Others would find the thick cobwebs and dark caverns of my Transylvanian castle as dank and chilling but I find it very peaceful. And when I’m away, exploring the world, I have safe houses tucked away in every major city.

Q: What's the worst thing someone ever did to you?
There were so many times!  Perhaps when the grand collection of sorcerers and magical beings thwarted the demon Brimstone and I. They locked me in the Dark Place for quite awhile. Or when my “darling” wife Eliza turned the Foresight children behind my back?  So many crimes wrought upon my person. But perhaps the utter disrespect I received from my own mother, so many centuries ago is the worst injustice. I will prove you wrong mother.

Q: What's the worst thing you've done to someone?
That would be telling.

Q: Who was your idol when you were growing up? Who did you first fantasize about in your life?
My idol was my eldest brother Alar until he betrayed us. That is why I killed him.

Q: Read any good books? What were they?
I found Dracula by Bram Stoker quite hilarious. Good memories. It was close to the truth except the ending where I “died”.

Q: What type of places do you hang out in?
I do not “hang out”.
Q: What annoys you more than anything else?
Upstart vampire children whom think they can foil my centuries old plans.

Q: What would be the perfect gift for you?
The world and all its people.

Q: What's the most beautiful thing you've ever seen?
My three brides.

Q: What time of day is your favorite?

Q: What kind of weather is your favorite?
Thunder and lightning.

Q: Do you have any pets? Do you want any pets? What kind?
Some might consider Blood Reaper and his pack of werewolves my “pets”. But if any do consider that, they would become a meal to the beasts.

Q: What do you find most relaxing? (Not as in stress relief, but as something that actually calms you down.)
The screams of my victims.

Q: What do you think of drugs and alcohol? Are there any people should not do? Why or why not?
Blood is all I need. People should not resist me because I will be their ruler.

Q: Do you have a mentor? Who are they? How did you become their student?
All I have learned came from the failures of lesser beings.

Q: Do you have any magical items? Where did you get them?
I employ many witches and warlocks. They will use magic at my bidding.  That being said, I have obtained certain… items that will one day further my end goal.

Q: What do you think of the other denizens of the World of Darkness? Why for each?
They either bow to my power or flea from my control. Yes, there are those whom resist like the Foresight Coven, but time will show who will be the ultimate victor.

Q: If you could change anything in your book, what would it be and why?
Again it is not my book but that foolish brat, Annabelle’s. However, changing what is written would have no effect on true history. The events happened close enough to what her scribe depicted. It doesn’t matter.  It is better that my legend survives so others will know how my future reign began.

Night Children: Dark Birth
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Written by: Scott Bryan and
Published by: Amazing Tales Books
Dominic’s picture is from "Vampire: The Masquerade" 
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The Night Children series is about two vampire kids and their adventures throughout history. The big bad guy is Dominic Pratchet, the monster lord who killed their parents.
The books are geared for Middle Grade readers on up.

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